the Electronic Violin

Electric violin by electronic violin maker CJK in Austria

• Handmade from selected wood
by violin maker Cölestin J. Kober in Austria
• Pickup bridge & CViolin body designed by CJK
• Violin player friendly electric violin
• Customizable
• Each C-Violin has a unique sound, just like a classic violin
• Perfect electric violin for live amplification
• Semiacoustic & feedback resistant


The Lightning Thieves by Adam Summerhayes and David Gordon

Michael Gutierrez

The Lightning Thieves by Adam Summerhayes and David Gordon


Electric Violin Details

Elctronic Violin Scroll The C-Violin Handmade by CJK• Five strings: c  g  d´ a´ e"
• Resonating top plate
• Feedback absorbing body
• Optimaly positioned piezo sensor
• Same accessories as standard violin
• C-Violin scroll design
• Each C-Violin is handcrafted & unique

Electric violin materials

C-Violin electric violin material preamp wood pegs varnish strings bridge piezo signal• Selected wood
• Spruce top plate
• Maple body, neck and bridge
• Ebony fingerboard and pegs
• Conventional violin strings, case, chin&sholder rest
• Finely solded electronics
• Varnished with shellac
• The pickup is the handcrafted wooden two-part bridge and in between the piezo
• The piezo signal is amlified with a preamp, inside the back of the violin body and
   sents the signal through a 1/4'' Jack

The Electronic Violin made by Cölestin Kober

• C. Kober started his training to make
stringed instruments in Hallstatt.

Electric violin work. semiacoustic handmade electronic violin by Violin Maker CJK

• He later worked for a guitar maker in
• He went back to Hallstatt for a Year, making
and restaurating violins.
• He learned the secrets of making fine bowed
Instruments in italy with a Venice-based
• While preparing his master craftsman's
diploma, he invented the Electric Violin and
named it`C-Violin´, like EViolin.
• He established his own workshop in Austria 2008

Violin Maker Cölestin J. Kober in Austria

by violin maker Cölestin J. Kober

Austria 5310 Mondsee

Tel.: 0043 / 6232 / 27377